A Revolutionary change in Gold Loan services by LB Finance

Here’s yet another fantastic service from the trailblazer in Sri Lanka’s financial services industry.

For more than 42 years, LB Finance has built a strong reputation based on trust, stability and the ability to offer its customers a superior level of service. A range of new products and services offering a host of benefits for the customers combined with a high-degree of transparency enabled LB Finance to capture the hearts and minds of thousands of our loyal customers.

With the reduction in interest rates due to various economic factors, LB Finance’s revolutionary Gold Loan service now offers our customers more and more benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of LB Finance’s Gold Loan Service:

  • Gold Loans provided at an interest rate as low as 1.66%
  • No service/ maintenance charges for annual advances
  • A higher period for annual advances on par with those offered by banks
  • The most competitive rates for Gold Loans in the financial services industry
  • 100% confidentiality – Insurance facilities to ensure the safety of your gold items
  • Service centres open from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm

The highly competitive low monthly interest of 1.66% ensures that no unnecessary pressure is put on the customer for payments. This also enables them to plan out their other financial commitments accordingly. In addition to this, the longer time period, competitive advance amounts and the fact that no maintenance or service charges is added makes this facility an ideal choice for customers who are now able to satisfy all their personal financial needs under one roof.