About Us

L B Finance PLC (LBF) is a licensed finance company. It was incorporated in May 1971 as a private limited liability company and subsequently converted to a public limited liability company in 1982. The Company was listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange in 1998 and was re-registered in June 2008 under the new Companies Act No. 7 of 2007.

At the beginning, the majority shareholding was held by Lewis Brown & Company Limited. In 1994, Vanik Incorporation Limited acquired the controlling interest of the Company. Mr. Dhammika Perera, a well-known iconic entrepreneur took over the Company in 2003 and turned it around to be the vibrant and leading finance company that it is today.

LBF is a company in the Group of Vallibel One which is a diversified holding Company with strategic investments in financial  services, tile and sanitary ware manufacturing and leisure.

Backed by a strong financial tradition of over 40 years, LBF offers a portfolio of financial solutions trusted widely by corporate,  SMEs and individuals alike. As of 31st March 2014, the Company operated a network of 97 branches and 37 gold loan centers  totaling to 134 outlets.

After the acquisition of the Company by Mr. Dhammika Perera, the business underwent a transformation with a new strategic direction and emphasis on profitability and long term value creation. Based on a solid growth strategy with focus on four main pillars viz. people, reach, technology and quality of service, LBF has now established itself as the undisputed trailblazer
in the non-banking financial services industry. Company offers the customers an unmatched product spread coupled with an unparalleled service quality.

The public’s immense confidence in the Company’s dynamic and far-sighted conduct of business has propelled it to its dominant position in the market as business jumped to new highs on all fronts, from deposits to lending. Our activities will remain firmly focused as we continue to impress the business world with a refreshingly innovative and robust brand of financial stewardship.


To contribute to the quality of life experienced by our depositors, customers, employees and the general public through partnerships that fuel the growth of our Company and to create shareholder value both in the short and long term.


  • To mobilise public funds by innovating investment products that will enhance the value delivered to our depositors.
  • To engage in prudent lending to entrepreneurs to assist them in the creation of wealth.
  • To embark on investments in which results can be clearly assessed and seize new opportunities in the market.
  • To offer a caring and personalised service that will form the foundation for developing lasting partnerships with our stakeholders, employees and the general public.
  • To use training and career development to create an empowered and committed group Values of employees who will drive the Company to high levels of achievement.


  • Excellence
  • Ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Quality


To be a major player in the financial services sector in Sri Lanka.


LB Finance is a Carbon conscious company as Certified by Sri Lanka Carbon Fund