Empowering the future

The Senior Manager and staff of Kandy Branch organized a project to distribute school items and a Duplo machine to CP/K/Thalathuoya Junior School, Thalathuoya on 11th October 2012.

This school produced R.M. Anjali Upeksha Maduwanthi, the student who became the island first of grade five Scholarship Examination 2012 by scoring 196 marks.

The donated Duplo machine (Riso Digital Duplicator KZ30) was worth of Rs. 212,800 which was considered as a crucial resource for the school.

The main objective of this project was to provide the needy items for school children which will enhance and support their education.Further to appreciate the service of the school teachers, sarees, trouser materials, hand bags, umbrellas and pouches were gifted.