Happy Returns

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There are countless challenges in life just waiting to be won. Those challenges are simply a walk in the park if you face them with the correct plan. That correct plan is none other than the Happy Returns Investment Plan from LB Finance that is tailored specifically to bring you the happiness of winning challenges that life has to offer. ‘Happy Returns’ is a novel investment mechanism which targets the young generation of the country as a friendly helping hand for them to achieve better in life. Happy Returns allows you to enjoy the best returns among a pool of benefits. LB Happy Returns will always be your right choice of investment and will surely light up your life by offering you handsome returns in exchange.


Guaranteed Maturity Value Monthly Investment
2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years
100,000.00 3,900.00 2,430.00 1,730.00 1,320.00
300,000.00  11,700.00 7,290.00 5,190.00 3,960.00
500,000.00 19,500.00  12,150.00 8,650.00 6,600.00
1,000,000.00 39,000.00 24,300.00 17,300.00 13,200.00
2,500,000.00  97,500.00 60,750.00 43,250.00 33,000.00

*These monthly investments are applicable to the Guaranteed Rate Scheme only
Rates are effective from 01 st of January 2017.



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