LB Finance launches its O/L seminar 5th consecutive year

LB Finance launches its O/L seminar 5th consecutive year

The team at LB finance strongly believes that the future of the nation lies in the hands of the children of today, who will be the leaders of tomorrow. As such, L B Finance places great priority on their CSR agenda of Education support services. Consequently, as a responsible corporate citizen L B Finance launched its unique CSR Project four years back – ‘O/L seminar series’ specially focus on Science and Mathematics subjects with the prime motive of uplifting educational standards in rural areas of Sri Lanka with collaboration with Science Society, University of Colombo. From the inception up to now, we conducted O/L seminars in Monaragala, Matale, Polonnaruwa, Ampara and Mahiyangane respectively

To launch ‘O/L seminar series, we selected remote areas of Anuradhapura and Trincomalee districts with the support of the student association due to many reasons. As the schools are located in a very remote area that is geographically and socially isolated and there are group of teachers who are whole heartedly dedicated, committed and eager to provide the best of education to the students in order to build a better future for the students and the schools itself.

Commencing in September second week, the seminars for 2017 will be held in Schools of Gomarankadawala, Padaviya Sripura, Pulmude, Mahasenpura and other remote areas thus far, especially providing this important learning opportunity for the students in rural areas with limited access to supportive resources and facilities

Commenting on this distinct initiative, Mr. J. A. S. Sumith Adhihetty- Managing Director- LB Finance PLC, said “The primary objective of this seminar series is to guide both the children and their future careers to meet the fundamental challenges of facing a standardized national exam in a holistic manner and enabling them to produce best opportunity for their future and enhance their soft skills on science and Mathematics streams”. At the same time Chinthaka Amarasinghe, President of Science Society speaking of the O/L seminar series said “The overwhelming interest and enthusiasm by students across the respective areas was a testament of the value of such programme. We have seen past four years of conducting this programme, it will really helpful for the students to face for the national level exam. We always try to keep same spirit with L B Finance for future events too”

As such L B finance seeks to factor social responsibility and sustainability into their approach to business. The Company pledges a continued engaging spirit towards uplifting the standards that currently exist in the local Sri Lankan community. L B Finance hopes that through their constant CSR efforts, Sri Lanka will be one step closer to thriving as a more developed nation, whilst keeping its untiring effort to enhance the education level of Sri Lanka.