LB Finance wins Overall Excellence at the 55 th Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka Annual Report Awards

Reinforcing the company’s prowess in financial disclosure, LB Finance was ranked among the top three brands in Sri Lanka for Excellence and bags Gold for the third consecutive year in the Finance and Leasing Companies sector in Annual Financial Reporting for the year 2019 at the 55th Annual Report Awards conducted by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka

LB Finance clinched two coveted Gold Awards, the Silver Award and two Bronze Awards at the 55 th CA Sri Lanka Annual Report Awards Competition held at Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo.

Recording a compelling achievement, LB Finance won the Bronze Award in the Overall Excellence category for the first time gaining advantage among many nominees and won the Gold Award in the Finance and Leasing companies category for the 3 rd consecutive year. The company also won the Gold Award for Integrated Reporting: Best Disclosure on Capital Management, overall Silver Award for Corporate Social Responsibility and Overall Bronze Award for Management Commentary. The Annual Report Awards competition organized by the Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) sets the benchmark in promoting transparency and accountability among organizations in Sri Lanka while honoring those companies for effectively communicating financial and non- financial information to the stakeholders.

“These five awards are a tribute to our consistent commitment to upholding responsible business practices, good governance, transparency and our dedication towards sustainable growth through serving the community. Winning the Overall Excellence Bronze and sector Gold Award in particular is a great achievement. The CA Sri Lanka Annual Report Awards provides a robust platform for Sri Lankan organizations to pursue excellence in all areas of business operations and be committed to sustainability and transparency. Consequently, this recognition honors us and acts as a point of encouragement to continue our corporate quest to create value for all our stakeholders and the community through striving for sustainable growth,” commented Mr. Sumith Adhihetty, Managing Director, LB Finance PLC.

Over the years, judging standards of the CA Sri Lanka awards have reached a level where firm compliance with legislative requirements and accepted accounting best practices as well as consistency in reporting have become essential ingredients in effective financial disclosure.

LB Finance remains committed to understanding the financial requirements of the country and continues to raise the standards of the industry. Whether it is in the introduction of new products or introducing innovative ways of presenting the Annual Reports, LB Finance believes in going the extra mile. The video format of the Annual Report was one such innovation for this year. The company has been well-suited to understand the pulse of the people and to forecast where the country heads with its trusted history of 49 years. Initiating innovations, flexibility and care for its services are the chief aspects which elevates the company to greater heights with awards & recognitions by honors.