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Tired of wasting your money on Tuk-tuks? Had enough of public transport? Worry no more! LB Finance has the most convenient renting solutions for Corporates, Corporate employees and Professionals!

Suzuki Alto – manual (2015)

Rs. 2,150 per day
Rs. 40,000 per month (Rs.1,333 upwards per day)
Rs. 7,500 refundable deposit.

Perodua Viva Elite – Auto (2014)

Rs. 2,850 per day
Rs. 50,000 per Month(Rs.1,666 upwards per day)
Rs. 10,000 refundable deposit.

  • Self-driven vehicles
  • Well maintained
  • Free 3,000 km per month
  • Professional services
  • No maintenance hassle
  • All Vehicles are Fully Insured with rent a car cover

Vehicles available @ LB Finance – Colombo 03

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