Urgent Cash for Your Business?

Looking for some urgent cash for your business? LB Finance’s Factoring services allows a smooth cash flow while the business is guaranteed, giving you the opportunity to innovate and develop your business.

A time-honoured and well recognised financial tool, Factoring is the purchase of account receivables such as your invoices for immediate cash. It is not a loan and is instead an easy method of financing a company without having to wait for debtor’s payments.

Send us a copy of your invoice when you make a sale on credit and LB Finance will pay you up to 80% of your invoice value within 24 hours. Our team of professionals will then collect your debt on your behalf directly from the debtor. The balance payment will be made to you with the charges deducted.

Call us on 011 2 155 000 to find out more details or Click Here to find out more about LB Finance Factoring.