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Fixed Deposits

Making an investment is somewhat a difficult choice. The results and the rewards are not tangible or immediate - it's not something you can purchase, take home, unwrap and share with friends and family. An investment is a visionary decision, one that requires a mindset that understands the necessity for growing your wealth, requires the capacity to plan your financial decisions ahead of time and most importantly, requires a trusted partner that will give you the best options and guide you in the right direction.

LB Finance (LBF) has proven its stability in the financial world with nearly 5 decades since its inception and has one of the largest deposit base among non-banking financial institutions in the country with a portfolio of around Rs. 87 billion at the end of September 2019.

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Getting a vehicle is a huge decision, which can result in major effects on your life. Thus, you cannot embark on it without hours of research. You must answer questions such as, what is my requirement? is it for business or personal use? costs of running and maintaining? what is my monthly budget? and how much can I set aside for the purpose?. This can be a scary prospect and many would find it complicated.

Fear not. Let our experienced agents help you with this momentous decision: We can examine the pros and cons of each option so that you can make an informed choice. Talk to us to learn about taylor made Leasing schemes that suits you and your lifestyle, whether 4 wheel or three wheel, year and model are irrelevant. Your dream is our objective.

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Gold Loan

One of the most trusted options for financial emergencies, LB Finance Gold Loan is your friend in an hour of need. As the market leader among Sri Lankan non-banking financial institutions, we serve a large and fast-growing portfolio of satisfied customers. An island-wide branch network, the ability to take back your gold without prior notice, extended hours and the option of 12-month repayment sets us apart. We guarantee transaction privacy and security of your jewelry, gold coins, and gold biscuits.

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