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LB Finance Savings

Want to save up and earn an interest for your savings for stable financial rewards? Our savings accounts offer you tiered interest rates as calculated depending upon your daily balance. The interests that are accrued on a daily basis will be capitalized and credited to you at the end of each month. These accounts also come with VISA enabled Debit Cards, POS transaction capability for Debit Card holders, ATM withdrawals that have been made available for any LankaPay enabled ATM machine locally, and VISA enabled ATM machine internationally.

Our LB e-connect facility is provided to you completely free of charge and helps you fulfill your banking requirements from anywhere, anytime. All internal standing orders and Direct Debits are available Free of Charge. SLIPS/ CEFTS transfer facilities are available, while our LB CIM Wallet feature enables online transactions whilst serving as a digital savings account. 

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Restrictions on opening an account/closing an account/transfer of funds by customers:

  • Account holders with age below 18 years (minors) are not allowed to open Regular Savingsaccounts.
  • Sri Lankans who do not hold a valid NIC/ PP are not eligible.
  • Foreigners who do not hold residence visas in Sri Lanka are not eligible.
  • Limits have been set by the company for fund transfers which can be customized based oncustomer’s request.
  • The minimum opening balance for a savings account is Rs. 500.00
  • Fixed Deposits account holders or ‘Dirimaga’ customers can open with a minimum balance of Rs.100.00.
  • CIM accounts can be opened with even a zero balance. There is no opening fee.
  • Your maintenance fees will be the applicable CEFTS and SLIPS fees, and a transaction fee for ATM withdrawals.
  • A Deposit Insurance Coverage of maximum up to Rs. 1,100,000.00 based on the amount deposited is also available.